Welcome to The Unmentionables[THEUN] website

If You Want A Clan And No one wants you, May Be You Could Join.The Unmentionables


Age: 17+ only.
Race: It’s a game who cares.
Gender: we are all just pixels in the cyber world.
Comms: If you want to chat we can use Skype or our new Teamspeak Server which we have found to be much better.
Lang: All english speaking Life forms are welcome.
Minimum Teir Tank: 1
Minimum Skill Level : Noob

Who are [THEUN]?

We are a group of players from around the world wanting to enjoy the game and are a more mature(in age anyway) clan but are willing to invite younger players that can fit in with our casual adult atmosphere.

THEUN is a laid back and casual clan looking for tankers with dedication to be online at least a couple nights a week so that we can enjoy our social gaming together. We also recognize that real life comes first, so we don't take roll call, and we attempt to get everyone involved regardless of how often they can participate.

The clan makes good use of its time together in platoons, training rooms and fun training room competitions e.g. races, destruction derbys, last man standing.

Our main objective is provide members with a fun and social gaming experience.

How to join [THEUN]

Joining the clan is simple and easy

  1. Fill in our Registration Form
    Once we recieve your application we will send you an official World of Tanks Clan Invite.
  2. Accpept the Invite.
    Once the invite is accepted and you are in the clan, we will register you for use of our forums and you will be notified via the email address you have provided